Black Canyon to Hoover Dam

Back in the day I had a mentor who was quite affluent but he had experienced some ups and downs in his professional career.  You would hanging out at his luxurious home as some holiday party and he would declare with as much humility as you probably are allowed and declare “I am been rich and I have been poor….I prefer rich….”  LOL

willow beach sign

This sign was confusing. And, maybe they are supposed to change it during the summer? I thought for a minute PWC’s were not allowed…but, they are.

Since this is my 1st summer owning a jet ski, and last summer was my first summer owning a kayak, I can say that going up and down the Colorado river is fun enough in a kayak but give me a ski or a boat all day long!

Willow Beach is a popular alternative to Lake Mead to ride locally around Las Vegas but due to the fish hatchery at Willow Beach, PWC’s are only allowed to head up the Colorado River towards the Hoover Dam after Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  AND, only Tuesday through Saturday.   Thus, as a newbie kayaker last year I would always paddle up Black Canyon on Sundays to avoid all the wake action that PWC’s and motorized boats can generate.

jet ski black canyonMy only experience in regularly coming to Willow Beach began probably February of 2018 and I can really tell the huge increase in kayakers.  In one regards you think it might be too much but in another respect I would speculate that at least 80% of these folks are just renting a kayak for the day as they visiting Las Vegas.  And, I get really stoked when visitors to Las Vegas go out and explore more than the Strip.

Always a good day out on the ski but the wind was really picking up in the afternoon so when I had headed south I never quite got to Nelson’s Landing before I turned around.

HWY 93 that overlooks the Hoover Dam

HWY 93 that overlooks the Hoover Dam

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