Great Talent Supporting The Lake Life

Until we start selling inventory to the various marinas around Lake Mead, Lake Powell and Lake Havasu, I have reached out to some very talented friends to help promote the brand.


Lexie Kelly is a former NCAA swimmer who profoundly understands the DNA of the aquatic world. After her pool swimming career, she transferred her passion and talents to open water swimming and competed on the FINA Grand Prix professional marathon swimming circuit and various open water races in over 40 countries.

Even though Lexie calls Newport Beach her home and mostly swims Open Water, her resume is stocked full of trophies from lake swims around the world. You might almost look as cute as Lexie wearing a The Lake Life trucker, but not quite. Follow her @lexiekellyswim. 

You can view more photos of Lexie on our online store:


Chris Heers

Native Las Vegan Chris Heers’ songs have been featured in Movies, TV, XBox and Wii Country Dance Video Games, and on worldwide radio charting several top 100 songs in the USA and as high as number one in Europe. Chris is twice nominated for best Indie country album and for best Americana song “Leaning Into Barstow”. Chris was named 2015 Las Vegas performer of the year and can be seen headlining upward of 250 shows per year in Las Vegas and throughout the Southwest.

Bottom line: Chris is a super cool guy, a great musician and also a Lake Mead brat from way back in the day.  Give Chris a shout on his FB page HERE:

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