butt design chairs at topak 66 bar

Laughlin to Topak 66

Twelve years I have tip my toes into Lake Mead and in 2018 with my new interest in kayaking I began to explore WIllow Beach to Cottonwood Cove vis-à-vis Lake Mohave.   I have zero to no experience from Laughlin to Lake Havasu on the Colorado River.

The reputation of PWC rental riders in front of the casinos in Laughlin were well founded despite heavy police patrols.  I launched at the public docks just as you arrive into Laughlin which in turn is the base camp for the the Harbor Police.  I wanted to launch here so I could grab a photo of the hotels from the water.

Riverside Hotel from the water viewFor about 1/2 mile in front of Harrah’s it is a no-wake zone so it took me very little time to understand why most people launch much further south.  Still, if this is as difficult as my life gets, I am still good.

After getting by River Suburbia of Bullhead City and beyond Rotary Park, the boat traffic was just about nil at 10:30am.  My return passage around 3pm reflected a huge difference.

The destination goal was to transit Needles, California and get to the Old Trails Arch Bridge and putter into Topock 66, aka at Party HQ on the Colorado River.  All the chatter on forums indicated it was a 40 mile one-way trip.  The legacy of successful enterprise in this area are spotty so you are always concerned where you can get fuel as needed. Sooner better than later.

Unfinished building looking over the Colorado River across from Bullhead City

I am sure some slick salesman sold the planning commission on all the great tax dollars their facility would produce. What an eyesore!

The water was still cool and this was the right time of year to do this trip.  In another two week during and after Memorial Day weekend this trek will be an insane confluence of jet skiis and powerboats.

As I approached the Old Trails Arch Bridge you just knew this bridge crossing the Colorado has a huge legacy. The bridge was featured in the the film The Grapes of Wrath and the opening credits for EASY RIDER they crossed this bridge.

38 miles from Laughlin to Topak 66As I pulled into the no-wake zone harbor for Topock 66, it really did look like this was an ideal location for many things.  I was just hankering for a cheeseburger and ice-tea but ended up get the cheese-steak.  Next time it will be the cheeseburger.  This place is definitely about showcasing your boat.  I am not sure what a $1mill  boat looks like but I am guessing something like this:

World class red powerboat

The young lady/waitress was friendly and efficient so I was in and out in about 30 minutes.  I was happy to get back on the water and head back to Laughlin with no mishaps since I was riding solo.

beach party on the Colorado river in needles, california

Beach party on the Colorado river in Needles, California.

My ride back I took some pics of the various beach parties and water-front real estate.  This particular region is of no interest to me but I know alot of Southern Californian’s have second homes here versus Lake Havasu as this is a little more subdued.

After getting through the major water traffic in Laughlin, my fuel alert was sounding off.  I only averaged 35mph thus with 86 miles on the odot I still had probably another 20 miles.  A good day and probably my only time I do this particular trip this year.

86 miles on the jet ski odometer from Laughlin to Topak 66 and back.

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