The Lake Life Foam Trucker Web Special

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If you live “The Lake Life” you know what this is all about.  Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu.  Thousands of people just like you and me embracing any and every opportunity to enjoy the sun and fun in your boat, on your jetski, in your kayak or whatever.  I would guess the happiest people are people out doing there thing on the water.   Here in the desert southwest as we have endured dramatic drought conditions for years, the WATER IS COMING BACK

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  These are top-notch foam trucker caps from OTTO and full color printed.  Pretty much bombproof and great for throwing a few of these in your boat or ski for sun protection or if you are looking to let people know that you are a tru baller! Small heads might look smaller with this cap but phat-heads like me it wears perfectly. I prefer to just sell direct  person to person so look for my black Volvo mostly at the Lake Mead marina or maybe Willow Beach.  Until I change my mind, any single order will also receive a comp safety mirror and whistle.  I mean, jump all over this!

black volvo with kayak and jet ski

Stateline Boat Launch area at Lake Powell.

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Wholesale pricing available for orders over 25 hats.  T-shirts might be available in the next 60 days.  Great for marina point of sale.  Shop local! Reach out to us if you wanna to order stock for your store!