Willow to 6 Mile April 13, 2019

Willow Beach weather for April 13, 2019

Holy smokes!  How can it get much better?  I know it will….especially once the water warms up making lazy days on remotes beaches during the dawg daze of summer full of great memories.

Today, the goal was to head out from Willow Beach around 11:30am and make it as far a Cottonwood Cove and maybe see if there are any kite-surfers kicking it up at 6-mile.

Below is a little hand-held one-minute video as I head out.  I am mostly documenting this for new people to Lake Mohave and riding the Colorado River like me.  Amazing views in the canyons and it was a surprise on my way back how I was scurrying to capture the full moon before it set – yes, in the afternoon!

Two girls having fun on jet ski Ski-Doo

Tons of fisherman out…I don’t fish but I wonder with the abundance of butterflies and bright yellow flower-bursts along the shoreline if fishing was exceptionally better this time of year?  So stoked to be scoping out stellar beaches for later this summer….I finally found some fun skiers to grab some pics…thanks girls!

All weekend, every weekend!

Willow to 6 Mile map
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